About Our Services

Learn more about the services that Harmony Dental provides.

Regular Check-ups

The ADA recommends an exam every 6 months to maintain oral health and examine hard and soft tissues of the mouth.


Routine, professional teeth cleaning appointments are essential to prevent and treat gum disease.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

We aim to address the whole mouth, including your concerns, pain, infection, decay, and tooth replacement.

Check out all of the services Harmony Dental can offer your family.

Restorative Treatment:

Fillings and crowns are ways to restore teeth with cavities.

Tooth Replacement:

Implants, bridges, and removable partial or complete dentures are options to replace missing teeth. Come find the best option for you.

Personalized Bite Guards:

Many patients clench or grind, especially with the stress these days, which can cause pain and other problems.

SureSmile Orthodontics:

We proudly offer SureSmile aligners as a personalized and esthetic way to safely move your teeth.

At-Home Whitening:

Different options of whitening include personalized whitening trays or professional whitening strips to use in the comfort of your home.

Limited Extractions:

We perform certain extractions at Harmony Dental on a case by case basis, with wisdom teeth and some other cases being referred to an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.