Having good oral health helps lower the risk of systemic diseases including but not limited to heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, diabetes and metabolic disorders, and several types of cancers. We examine your whole mouth, plan treatment for all your dental concerns, and offer services to help ensure your dental health is at top notch. You may need to be referred to a specialist for certain procedures or if your case is more complex.

The comprehensive approach to dentistry includes all aspects of how the teeth, muscles, and tissues work together. It includes the health of everything associated with the mouth, the function of the masticatory system, the esthetics of the smile, and the comfort of our patients. At Harmony Dental, this includes careful diagnoses and conversations with our patients. We treat the whole mouth, and we think about the best course of treatment to address present issues as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive treatment planning involves:

  • Evaluation of your medical and dental history
  • Addressing the entirety of the mouth
  • Proper diagnosis
  • Returning or maintaining health
  • Addressing function and esthetics

Depending on your diagnoses and goals, this may involve one or more specialists. We want your goals to be addressed, bring your mouth to health, and get you the treatment that is most realistic for you. Patient involvement is critical to appropriate treatment planning. We take the doctor-patient relationship seriously and it takes teamwork to get you to your optimal result. We want our patients to shine with confidence while health, esthetics, and function are achieved.