Teeth whitening has become very popular. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, which is why you want to talk to a dentist before you whiten your teeth. For instance, if you have large fillings or crowns on your front teeth, teeth whitening could result in your teeth being different colors since the chemicals will bleach your natural teeth but not your dental restorations (which are made from ceramic, porcelain or composite material.)

While our office does not currently do in-office whitening, we offer different at-home whitening treatments. Studies show that home-based bleaching, when manufacturer’s instructions are followed, results in less tooth sensitivity than the more concentrated in-office bleaching. Learn more.

The effects of whitening can last quite a while (months to years), but it depends on your lifestyle. Diet and other habits (like smoking or drinking coffee/tea), may cause the stains on teeth to return. Some touchups may be necessary.

Both at-home whitening options offered at Harmony Dental have benefits of less post op sensitivity than in-office whitening, gradual whitening that allows greater control over your desired shade, and the ability to whiten on your own schedule.

  • Professional home whitening kit: Impressions are made and trays are fabricated to fit your teeth. These kits include tubes of whitening gel that have a lower concentration of bleaching agents than the in-office variety. You will line the trays with the whitening gel and wear them for 1 hour, or overnight. You can sometimes see results of a lighter shade in as little as 1-2 weeks.
  • Whitening strips: These are worn for 1-2 hours for 5 consecutive days, and it is a quicker and easier alternative to impressions for a home whitening kit. Our whitening strips are stronger than the over-the-counter whitening strips, but they have a different chemical makeup to cause a decreased probability of post op sensitivity.