It is possible for dental restorations to be fabricated utilizing an HD intra-oral video scanner, computer-aided design software, and precision milling equipment. This is the process which the CEREC machine and CAD/CAM technology uses.

The biggest complaints about a crown procedure we heard about involved the impressions and temporary crowns that were placed originally. The impressions are large, gooey impressions that occasionally made patients gag, and the temporary crowns could cause sensitivity and often fell out. Patients would have to tolerate these for weeks while waiting for a crown to be made at the lab.

At Harmony Dental, we are typically able to eliminate the need for impressions, temporary crowns, and multiple trips to complete one dental restoration. While some procedures still require traditional impressions or temporary crowns, we often can eliminate these steps by utilizing our CEREC machine and CAD/CAM technology. We can make crowns and bridges in our office, delivering these restorations the same day. We are also able to scan for certain denture cases or implant crown cases, and then transmit them to the lab immediately.

Dr. Bud Malinoski initially purchased the CEREC machine and software in March of 2017. Drs. Trapp upgraded and bought the recent version of CAD/CAM in July of 2023. We are excited to continue offering this service to our patients, which allows for a more efficient dental appointment and increases patient comfort.